Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hannah Montana

After much hard work, begging, pleading, and searching, my sister was able to obtain much coveted tickets to the sold-out within minutes, Hannah Montana concert this past Tuesday night. Gabriella was ecstatic to say the very least!

The Jonas Brothers were originally scheduled as the opening act, but they changed that at the last minute. Supposedly the Jonas Brothers are getting ready to start a tour of their own. The group Everlife perfromed in their stead and Gabriella said she enjoyed their music. The big bonus; at least Everlife is a Christian band so no concerns over questionable lyrics!

Of course, my father had to voice his opinion on the matter of Gabriella attending a concert. He complained that Gabriella is only 9 and he did not attend his first concert until he was 16. Yes, now would be an appropriate time to break out your violins ;) As we all are well aware, my father is not happy unless he is able to find fault and complain about something;)

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