Monday, January 21, 2008

CVS Shopping...

I have never really cared too much for CVS. Once in a while, I look through their weekly ad, but that is the extent of it. On Saturday, Ava fell asleep nursing in my lap and instead of waking her up, I stayed at the computer and looked at some money saving blogs. Apparently, CVS has some really great sales and you get money back in the form of certificates for buying certain items. I looked at their ad yesterday and they had soyjoy bars on sale for $1 each that are normally $1.29 each. For every 4 bars that are purchased, you receive $4 back on ECB to use on your next purchase. This deal can be repeated a total of 5 times. So, you purchase 20 soyjoy bars for $20 and you get a coupon for $20 on your next purchase. Well, to make the deal even better, I had a coupon for $3 off of $15 which brought my total down to $17. On top of that, I had 2 manufacturer's coupons for $3 off the purchase of 10 bars. So I got 20 soyjoy bars for $11 that would normally have cost me $26 AND I walked away with a $20 coupon for next time! This could get slightly addicting, lol!

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