Tuesday, January 15, 2008

12 Month Check Up!

Ava had her 12 month check up yesterday. She weighs 23.3lbs and is 31 inches long! Wow! Her head is in the 95%, her height is above the 95% and her weight is in the 75%. She was so good for her appointment! They did her PPD at the begining of the appointment and she watched the nurse do it, but did not cry. At the end of her appointment, she got the next dose of IPV and she made a pouty face but never cried for that one either! Such a brave little lady!
Ava has two more teeth begining to poke their way through up top. Her first two teeth were the bottom center which she got around 6 months and she got her top two around 9 months. She seems to be on an every 3 month schedule of getting new teeth :)

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