Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The BIG Conversation

Yesterday, Paul decided the day had come that Gabriella should be given "The Talk". You know, the one that people like me totally dread, aka the birds and the bees talk. He insisted that the day had come and he did not mind telling her, but thought it should come from me. He said he would want her to look back and remember me telling her rather than her dad having to tell her because her mom is a chicken ;)

I had bought this set a few months back, but it turns out the books are very not me. The first book in the series of 4 is targeted at the 3-5 age range and I did not even want to read that one with Gabriella, let alone any of the other 3 books. Paul and I prayed and then he called Gabriella to the room and then he left me. All alone. With those books.

I knew she already had a basic understanding about her own body growing up and puberty thanks to her one year in public school last year. But we have never really had any "sex" conversations. I asked her yesterday what she knew. She told me that she knew people had to have sex to have a baby. I asked her where she learned that information and it came from the son of a family I used to work for who is a year younger than G. That made me very unhappy, but we moved on. She told me what she thought that meant which was very vague and involved her telling me you had to get in bed naked. So, I gave her the basics and PRAYED she would not ask me any other questions. Especially nothing personal...

No such luck...

"So, you and Daddy had to have SEX to have Ava?" she asked with a very concerned and grossed out face.

"um, yeah..." I squeakily answered.

"Do you want any other babies" she questioned with even more concern.

I mumbled something about not being sure.

She looked around the room for a few moments and then turned to me and said, "If you do want another baby, I think you should adopt"

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