Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Publix Shopping Trip 1/20

I went to Publix today to take advantage of some good deals they have going on. As usually happens to me, the cashier questioned just about every coupon I presented to her. It seems that many of the cashiers at the stores that I frequent seem to think that my coupon savings will be directly debited from their paychecks :( I had two coupons for 1 free jar of Aunt Nellie's veggies which the cashier said I could not use since I did not buy any veggies. The cashier standing next to her waiting to take over gently asked, "what exactly do you think beets are?!".

Before coupons and specials, my total was $103.99. After all of my savings my total was $39.97!!!

FYI-Publix is supposed to accept their coupons even if they are expired, but not manufacturer's coupons. Not sure if most people are aware of that policy. That policy helped me score some great deals today!

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