Friday, March 14, 2008


Yesterday, Chase, Ava my mom and I went to Target. They had a great sale on Nature Valley granola bars and, of course, I had some great coupons, lol! My mom is completely uninterested in my sales and coupons :) so she went over to the garden center to check out the plants. After I gathered all of my stuff, I headed over to check out. I started to feel so shaky and faint in line that I was certain I was going to pass out. I then realized I didn't even have my wallet on was in my mom's purse. I asked the cashier to please suspend my transaction I would return in a few moments with my wallet.

As we headed back to the garden center I told Chase I was not feeling well and I was concerned that I might pass out. His response, "I hope I can get you into the cart!"

In case anyone is wondering, I never passed out, so Chase's assistance was not needed, lol!

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