Thursday, July 26, 2007

Finally had the surgery!

I finally went ahead and had the "fissure" surgery yesterday. I was soooo nervous but, am thusfar, very glad I had it done. I am quite sore but still feel better than I did before the procedure. I am not supposed to be doing any lifting...and according to my dr. that includes Ava. Of course my father is watching me like a hawk to make sure I am not carrying her!

In some other news, Chase seemed pretty quiet and kind of sad this evening. We kept asking him what was wrong and he just said he was tired. Come to find out, he saw Jurassic Park 3 today and he was concerned that dinosaurs might come back to life. Apparently, Julia and Hannah told him that scientists have dinosaur DNA that they will use to make that happen. We reassured him that all is well and he does not need to worry about dinosaurs. Poor guy! He seemed to perk up quite a bit after that, lol!

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